Music talent isn't inborn, it is nurtured: These words embody Dr. Suzuki's philosophy of "Every Child Can".
With the right support and opportunities, individuals can develop and excel in their talents, regardless of their natural abilities or background.

All children have a tremendous capacity to learn. Where love is deep much can be accomplished.

Mini Musicians Pre-Piano
What will they learn?

𝄞 basic elements of music theory in relation to piano

𝄞 improved sense of rhythm though whole-body movement activities

𝄞 piano geography through fun, engaging games, both on-and-off the piano bench

𝄞 piano techniques that focuses on hand-shape and arm weight

𝄞 great preparation for private piano lessons, all done though games and activities

𝄞 improvisations, so they can create music on the piano right from the get-go

Suzuki Voice

What is Suzuki Voice and what do they learn?

𝄞 uses "core repertoire" to teach fundamental technical aspects of the voice (Vol. 1 is through folk songs that children may be familiar with)

𝄞 healthy vocal techniques taught with an understanding of childhood development appropriate for their stage of development, all done through fun activities, props, and games 

𝄞 musicianship: creating a beautiful tone with accurate pitches and rhythm

𝄞 indirect learning of body-awareness and mindfulness since the body is the instrument in voice 

𝄞 posture and body alignment appropriate for most efficient use of the singing instrument (release of muscle tension, effective and efficient access of the source of energy for singing)

𝄞 muscular coordination and timing of the release of the sound in relation to the breath, and placement of the resonance