Stafford Music Studio's Voice Program

Lessons are focused on technique and production of a beautiful tone using the Suzuki Method. Each song in the Suzuki repertoire have specific techniques for students to learn to improve their singing voice. Lessons are taught student-centered as each voice is unique. The repertoire may stay the same, but the approach for each individual is tailored accordingly to their needs and is very personalized. The Voice Program here at Stafford Music Studio is taught by teachers with a strong foundation in the classical genre, and the gradual progress of the repertoire in lessons leans towards the classical genre as well. Regardless of what genre of music a student is looking into branching out in the future, the basic foundation of proper support, good singing posture, and vocal techniques are necessary skills to have in order to produce a beautiful tone, and this is what the program is about. Supplementary pieces may be included in addition to the Suzuki Repertoire.

All studio tuition includes:

  • over 40 private lessons a year
  • 45 mins per lesson
  • 10 free monthly group lessons
  • 1-2 online studio recitals per year
  • valuable teacher feedback in-between lessons during the week
  • practice check-in and guide to help parents in-between lessons during the week 
  • online/printable resources 
  • option to record and rewatch your lessons within your Student Portal
  • attendance and make-up lessons tracker 
  • Studio Calendar that can sync to your personal calendar
  • cancel or sign-up for free group lessons right on your Studio Calendar
  • lesson email reminders (and optional SMS reminders) so you never miss your lesson
  • clear lesson notes emailed after each lesson, also accessible within your Student Portal
  • easy and safe payment options
  • ability to upload files such as practice videos or completed paper hw 
  • possible complimentary tickets to the symphony for your family

Specifically for Voice:

  • Teacher recordings of Suzuki Voice repertoire
  • Suzuki Voice accompaniment

Typical Voice Lesson Format, depending on the age of the student:

  • Bow - an open invitation to begin a lesson to show respect to each other
  • Practical work for stretching, posture, and breathing
  • Practical warm up of articulators
  • Vocalization 
  • Singing review pieces for performance practice
  • Singing new repertoire, lesson proper
  • Lesson recap of focus points and what/how to practice 
  • Cool down
  • Questions, or anything else
  • Bow

What you need for Online Lessons:

  • a pair of open-ear headphones (without mic attached to it) for best quality of sounds
    - headphones can be optional for young learners, or use a splitter for parent-child headphones
  • computer or laptop with webcam
  • optional external microphone

Roadmap for all inquiring families and students:

  • Fill up the contact form below
  • Getting-to-Know-You session in our online studio with parents if the student is a child, tour of online studio 
  • Both parties signing Studio Contract 
  • Registration and creating your account to enter the studio
  • Studio will enter student's agreed reserved lesson time onto the Studio Calendar
  • Arrive at lesson time, ready to learn!

    Take the first step below! See you in our studio! 🎉🎵

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