Mini Musicians Preschool Program is RIGHT for you if:

Mini Musicians Preschool Program is NOT IDEAL for you if:

You would love to spend time to bond with your Mini Musician, 45 mins once a week

You or another adult are unable to find the time to take the program with your Mini Musician.

You think online learning is great, and you are able to take lessons in the comfort of your own home safely during the pandemic.

You do not believe that online learning is better or just as good as in-person learning.

You understand that early childhood music education is important to a child's development.    

Your child is not a preschooler.

 You would like your preschooler to learn skills that would help make learning the piano (or other instruments) easier in the near future.  

You would rather wait until your child is older and take private lessons.

  You know that learning music is a worthwhile investment.  

You think financially, now is not a good time for your family.