My daughter loves Ms. Stafford. She is kind, professional, and so knowledgeable about music and piano. Her lessons are incredibly thorough and her online platform makes it easy to print any resources we need. Ms. Stafford is the main reason why our daughter loves piano.
 - Amy, parent 

"My 7 year old absolutely enjoys each piano lesson with Mrs. Stafford.  I love how they start off each lesson with a bow- which instills respect and etiquette. Lessons cover techniques (proper posture, hands and fingers placement, movement of arms and wrist); theory; isolating rhythm; aural skills; and practice. There's a very organized weekly practice sheet covering everything learned during the last lesson. My daughter is excited to show her growth over the week and Mrs. Stafford is ready to meet her where she is. All communication and piano sheets are housed on the studio's web-based platform, that also sends you email and text messages. I am absolutely grateful to have found such a wonderful piano teacher for my daughter!"
 - Walaa, parent

"Judy Stafford passes her own passion for music down to her students.  My kids practice because they want to, not because they are forced to.  When they practice, I can feel the joy in the music."
 - Lisa, parent

"Judy Stafford is an amazing music teacher!  Our daughter has been with her since she was in preschool, and she is now in the 6th grade. What I, as a parent, appreciate most about Judy is how positive she is in all her interactions with my daughter.  Judy can find something good about every piece our daughter is working on, which encourages her to keep practicing even when the progress seems slow. What my daughter really likes is Judy's willingness to teach music that she is interested in, which currently includes a lot of John Williams movie theme songs and now Hamilton!"
 - Syndi, parent 

"The best thing about Mrs. Stafford’s music lessons is that she teaches you to be confident. I wasn’t confident enough about singing until I started music with her.  I love singing, and I’ll continue to sing forever."
 - M, 8 years old 

"Mrs. Stafford is the best music teacher ever because she teaches you to be confident. She has also taught me how to read music and to play the piano well. Mrs. Stafford also has many useful tips, tricks, and mnemonics to help you learn easily. She makes sure that you understand a concept before you move to another. She is a fun, lively teacher who is wonderful in every way you can possibly imagine. I will continue to play the piano for as long as I can."
- E, 10 years old  

"Judy is a very good teacher!!! Very easy to understand too, she taught me Techniques how to reach my high notes and is very patient with kids! Amazing teacher!!!" 
 - Sharmayn, parent, and student

"Judy is very down to the earth and creative. The best part about Judy is that she is always full of ideas in making impossible becoming possible so that taking music lessons from her is only meaning FUN and marvelous!" 
 - Joselyn, parent, and student


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