Piano / Keyboard Lessons

Being able to play the piano requires dedication. It is hard work and perseverance, but doing it in a fun and encouraging environment makes it so much easier, and more enjoyable. 

Constant practice is needed, and the results are very rewarding. Each lesson is geared towards achieving small goals, and before you know it, you're moving ahead and playing the piano! I offer piano/keyboard lessons for beginners up to late intermediate level instruction for all ages.

We will discus your goals and we will work towards it. What are you looking for in your piano / keyboard lessons? Is it for enjoyment, if so, is there a certain type of music you wish you could play? Do you want to play famous classical pieces? Or are you taking piano lessons because you want an outlet to relieve you of the stresses in your work life? Depending on what your goals are, your lessons will be tailored to YOU.
All lessons will begin with body warm-ups to prepare the mind, hands, fingers for playing. There will be technical warm-ups before we begin repertoire, scales, rhythm and sight-reading when student are ready. We will review pieces that have been learned before to build up their confidence, and then introducing something new in each lesson.
Depending on age, games will be incorporated to make learning music theory easier. The younger the child, the more off-bench exercises we will be doing. This is because a young child needs to incorporate their whole body into learning, and learning something that is fun makes a deeper impression on their growing brains. 

Requirements: An acoustic piano or keyboard with 88 weighted keys. 

Online piano lessons are available as private 1-on-1 lessons, or as group lessons with a maximum of two students each class. For tuition and more information, click here.

Piano / Keyboard Lessons Offered:

Piano / Keyboard Lessons for Children / Teens

Piano / Keyboard Lessons for Adults 

Piano / Keyboard Lessons for Preschoolers (Check out Mini Musicians Preschool Pre-piano Program)


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