Music Theory Lessons

What is music theory?
Music theory tells you how music works. Learning music theory is an essential part of your musical development. If you already play an instrument, music theory makes reading/memorizing/playing/singing your pieces easier - because you understand why they are the way they are. If you do not play an instrument, music theory gives you the vocabulary to describe what you hear, and be able to listen to the pieces you love with an understanding of why and how they make you feel the way it does, and maybe write your own compositions if you are so inspired to!

So what do we do in the lessons?
Learning music theory consists of learning about chord qualities and their inversions (major, minor, diminished, augmented, etc), different kinds of scales and how to build them, modes, rhythm and note values, sight-reading and sight singing (looking at music and hearing/singing/playing right at get-go), music analysis, dictation, harmony, meter, pitch, notations, chord progressions, etc.
Music theory is not about learning how to play an instrument or learning how to sing, there's not physical repetitions of exercises for muscle memory either. Rather, it is a study understanding of how music works. I know it sounds pretty dry as I write this, but it is most definitely not! Music theory is very fascinating and mind-blowing!
Music theory can also help one understand complex concepts such as key signatures, meter signatures, triads, and seventh chords.
If you are already taking voice or piano at this studio, you do not need to sign up for music theory lessons because they are covered within your lesson time, unless you would like in-depth/accelerated lessons to understanding music theory.
This program is open to all ages and for all music enthusiasts. Knowing how to sing or play an instrument is not a prerequisite. Beginners are welcome to register.

What we cover in the lessons:
Rudiments of Music
Theory Exercises


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