Voice / Singing Lessons:

You will learn how to sing correctly. Singing incorrectly can cause strain and damage to vocal cords, as well as limit your voice's range and flexibility. In choosing a teacher, it is best to find one that knows the fundamentals of voice production, and the functional unity of the singing voice, oh hey, that's me! Here at Stafford Music Studio, you are taught how to produce a beautiful quality sound, working with, and not against, your own unique instrument in the healthiest way possible. 

What are your goals? What is the reason of why you are taking lessons? I will make sure we are always working towards your goal.

In lessons, you learn important basics of singing: proper breathing, posture, and performance techniques. We will work on improving your pitch, power, range, and confidence. In lessons, you will learn to develop an understanding of the art of vocal phrasing, and learn how to choose the best material that naturally brings out the beauty of your authentic singing voice. You will learn how to control your voice, to get a natural vibrato and ease when singing. 

Not only will you learn how to read music, you will also learn how to have "seeing ears and hearing eyes" - the ability to sight-sing, and the ability to write down in musical notation what you hear- aural training. These two are very important aspects of being a singer and musician, but often neglected. In my studio, you get a well-rounded music education. Sight-reading and aural training are part of your weekly lessons.

Voice is currently taught online as 1:1 private lessons, or group lessons with a maximum of 2 students per class. In-home-service is available on a case-to-case basis. 

Types of Voice Lessons Offered:

Voice / Singing Lessons for Ages 3-12

Voice / Singing Lessons for Teens

Voice / Singing Lessons for Adults

Classical Voice Training

Chinese Singing Lessons for all ages

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