Here is the list for the books and materials for the studio's Suzuki Voice Program. 

1. Suzuki Voice 1 Book and CD of accompaniments


2. Listening Work: Vocal Recordings of Suzuki Book 1

These vocal recordings are created by your studio teacher, and are available for streaming or download within the Student Portal under Online Resources.

3. Suzuki Voice Book 1 Coloring Book

A copy is ready for download within the Student Portal under Online Resources, intended to be used together with listening work at home.

4. Music Journal Notebook

Have a designated notebook for voice lessons. If the student is a child, this aids the parents to take down observations and notes in lessons, as well as what was practiced and how daily home practice sessions went with their child. To get the most out of our lessons, it is important that parents understand what is being learned and how to guide their child during home practice. If there are any questions or thoughts, jot them down to bring it up at our next lesson. This will become a cherished notebook once it is filled. (One side of this notebook is lined, and another side is staffed manuscript.)