Classical Voice Training

This is open to those interested in going to a high school/college/masters degree that is music-oriented and looking into making music as a career.  If you are unsure if having a singing career path in music is what you want, assessments are available, and you may still learn the classical way of singing for your personal enjoyment. 
Classical singing has all the basic foundation of singing correctly, the bel canto. You will learn to project your voice with the least amount of effort, to be able to expand your range and vocal flexibility, with well-known classical pieces that have withstood time.
To those looking into auditions for music schools and conservatories, it is important to be well-prepared, and the earlier you start, the better your chance of being admitted to the school of your choice. 
Here, students are taught the basic essentials in sight-singing, theory, and harmony. We will be focusing on classical singing, with repertoire ranging from Italian art songs, English/American art songs to easy Italian arias for beginners. Lied, the German art songs, also have good number of repertoire for a beginning singer. IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) will also be taught when dealing with non-native language pieces of music. Basic Italian, German, French pronunciation will be coached, as needed with the repertoire. 
If you are not a beginner, we will focus on specific arias suitable to your fach, and build up a competitive audition selection of music. We will improve your performance technique to get ready for the panel of judges, and learn about proper attire for auditions. I will also help you with your resume and finding the proper outfit and presentation for your audition. Students may also be given the opportunity to join vocal competitions when deemed ready. 
Books needed: Vaccai and Concone, Danhausser. Other practice and exercise materials will be provided.

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