Early Childhood Music Program Suzuki Voice/Mini Musicians Pre-Piano Program
  • focuses on providing a musical experience
  • uses that musical experience to assist and refine those areas of development that are naturally occurring at whatever age the program is aimed at
  • will include a holistic experience of music and movement, understanding that...
    ✔️  the auditory function also serves as a vestibular function: the ear (listening) is inextricably tied to motor control (balance) ---by improving one, you improve the other
  • will include singing because the child's own voice and body are the primary human instruments of making music
    ✔️and because singing includes language and rhythm, two elements that are in prime "acquisition mode" during the early childhood years -- singing improves language acquisition.
  • has an overall "musical" impact of teaching MUSICIENSHIP skills that the child can build on later when he/she begins instrument study
  • focuses on developing a specific instrument
  • uses the fact that the voice is the primary human instrument of making music and, therefore, technical training can occur earlier than any other instrument (Voice)
  • will include a holistic experience of music and movement as a means of teaching musicality and technique, understanding that...
    ✔️ musical expression is dependent on the whole body involvement (eurythmics): the body must feel what the mind wishes to express
    ✔️  the body IS the instrument being developed (Voice)
  • taps into the fact that the child is developing and refining certain motor, cognitive and emotional skills
    ✔️ [Voice] and develops those in areas in a directed way that will allow him/her to use their instrument to its fullest potential safely (without damaging the instrument)
    ✔️  [Mini Musicians Pre-Piano] and develops in those areas by getting a head-start by beginning piano geography, rhythm, aural/listening skills and basic technical skills while developing the physical muscles to get ready for piano playing.
  • has an overall 'musical' impact of developing the POTENTIAL OF THE INDIVIDUAL INSTRUMENT, with musicianship occurring as a natural consequence.