What the Mini Musicians are Learning in the Mini Musicians Preschool Program:

Aural Skills 

Vocal exploration of animal noises or other silly sounds with help students explore pitch and sometimes simple sol-fa exercises. The children will practice using their singing voices, finding the beat, and coordinating the various actions.


Mini Musicians focus on proper techniques that are prerequisites to piano-playing. Mini Musicians focus on finger dexterity through finger plays, and what it feels to have a relaxed muscles in their body, vs a tensed one, using "keyflops". At this age, children's finger and hand strengths are still developing, so there will be no rushing to use each finger individually. Rushing the use of independent fingers and finger numbers will only create tension and bad hand shape in the process.
We will practice good hand shape and body posture in Mini Musicians. When playing specific notes, we will be sticking to one or two fingers, whichever way your child feels more comfortable and more natural to do. This way, students will be more aware of their body, and can use their whole arm in a natural way and have a good beginning technique.


We will be using Kodaly syllables. Mini Musicians I will meet these note values:♫, ♩, 𝅗𝅥, 𝅗𝅥. , 𝅝, and 𝄽. We work with these through chanting, moving and improvising. We will also be feeling the beat every week. We will do this through marching, tapping knees, passing a bean bag (to their adult for online), and moving with scarves in time to the music.

The primary concept covered in this component is piano geography. This is taught slowly and incrementally through lots of games. In this part, we will also cover concepts of high vs low, loud vs soft and same vs different. 

If time permits, we will be doing Improvisation Explorations. This portion of the program allows the children to explore the whole range of sounds at the piano and to engage their creativity and imagination.
 Star Songs. This section helps preschoolers build towards music reading skills.

Listening In Color , Mini Musicians to listen to tracks of classical music while we talk about what they hear, and how it feels to them.