Piano Lessons for Adults


Each lesson is 45 minutes to an hour.  Piano lessons are done in a private one-on-one basis. Lessons are taught in a safe and encouraging environment, without judgement. 

I enjoy teaching adults piano lessons. Adults come to take lessons intrinsically motivated. They often come prepared for classes, following the practice suggestion outlined for them, thus, their progress is very constant. 

The only sole enemy for adults is TIME, and with a busy schedule and a full load of responsibilities, it could be difficult to find a time to practice. The not-so-secret secret is to set aside a scheduled time everyday, without distraction, to work on the music. For even just ten or twenty minutes each day, it is better than nothing. 

Adult piano lessons start with warming up with finger exercises and proper hand technique on the piano. Having a healthy technique is important as to not cause injuries to the joints on the fingers, wrists, and hands. I also stress proper sitting position and hand position when playing. Having a proper sitting position minimizes back and shoulder pain. 

In lessons, you learn the basic fundamentals of music: rhythm, harmony, form and structure, scales, tempo, dynamics, pitch, music theory, to name a few. I also provide music pieces in addition to the pieces in the curriculum book, and teach you how to play using chords, as well as reading lead sheets and sight-reading.  

If you the adult have specific goals in mind, we will work towards them in our lessons. The lessons are tailored for YOU. What would you like to learn? I will make that happen. If you are unsure, I am prepared with a curriculum that is suited for adult beginners. Either way, you will leave each lesson fulfilled and challenged, and look forward to your next class! 

 Materials: To be decided after first meeting. It will be tailored to what your goals are for taking piano lessons.  

Don't wait too long to enroll! You know you have wanted to do this for a while now. It is never too late to begin taking piano lessons! I value quality over quantity, so each students get a personalized music education. Register now by clicking HERE.
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