1657261950884.pngStudio Contract 2022-2023

(effective September 1, 2022)


  • You are guaranteed 40 lessons for each music school year.

  • Your lesson time has been reserved especially for you, it is your standing weekly appointment and must be paid for regardless of your presence.

  • If a student/parent wishes to change their lesson time mid-year, this can be discussed on a case by case basis. I do my best to accommodate, but it cannot be guaranteed.

  • To allow flexibility for student vacations and teacher performances in the summer months, summer lessons are per amount of lessons, invoiced per month. 


Practicing REGULARLY out of lesson time is essential for improvement, so lesson time is spent learning something new. I will always go at the pace of my students, but practicing regularly will ensure we are being as productive as we can in lessons. The student will be taught the correct way to practice. You are welcome to reach out to me to do check-ins to help you/your child for practice sessions.  

Commitment Requirements: 

  • A commitment for a minimum of 1 semester (5 months) is required, with a one-month written and paid notice (by end of December) before the current semester ends should you decide to discontinue lessons.

  • First semester: September - January;
    Second Semester: February to June;
    Summer: July and August

  • This Studio Contract covers both semesters for the school year. If you begin in the First Semester, re-registration in the Second Semester is not necessary. It will be assumed that both First and Second Semesters will be taken unless I receive your one-month notice before semester ends.

  • Re-registration for the following year is done every Second Semester and due by August 1st. To hold your spot for the fall, each student must re-register and pay any fees due by the registration deadline. 

Student Cancellations: 

  • If there are no missed lessons, you will be receiving two free extra lessons this music school year. Should you find the need to miss lessons for conflict/ sickness/ emergency/ vacation days, these extra lessons will be used up first. No make-up or rescheduling necessary. 

  • In the event that you will need more than 2 cancellations, those that need to cancel should do so 24 hours before the lesson to be issued make-up credits, maximum of four per year. I will do my best to find a time to reschedule, although availability is not guaranteed. Make-up credits expire after 90 days.

  • Studio is closed on holidays, and does not count towards the 40 lessons in each music school year. Please refer to this year’s Studio Calendar for holidays and studio closings.

Teacher Cancellations:

  • In the event that I have to cancel a lesson myself, a make-up credit will be given. The make-up lesson will be rescheduled and taken in addition to your regular lesson, at a mutually agreed time and date. It will not replace your standing appointment. If a suitable time cannot be arranged, I will refund the cost.


  • There are two semesters, September to January, and February to June. 

  • Monthly tuition is always the same flat rate regardless if there are 5 or 2 lessons in a given month (see yearly calendar). 

  • Invoice is sent to your inbox 12 days before the due date. Payment is due on the first of the month.

  • There is a $15 Late Charge for overdue invoice by the 5th of the month. Please pay on or before the first of the month to avoid the fee.

  • Zelle is the preferred form of payment. Other options are Auto-Pay, Credit Card, Venmo, Paypal, and cash if you are local.

  • Students are expected to pay for all books, music, and materials, unless stated otherwise. 

Teacher reserves the right to dismiss any student who has a difficult time complying with the studio policy at any time. Here at Stafford Music Studio, we strive to create an inclusive space for everyone. It is important to me that everyone feels safe and we treat each other with respect and kindness. 

Termination of Contract:
 Music lessons require long-term commitment. A full music school year (September to June, 10 months) is expected but if extenuating circumstances arise, please give a written and paid notice a month before First Semester ends should you need to discontinue lessons. 

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Last Updated: 8/2/22