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Studio Tuition Includes:    

  • Personalized music education tailored to student's ability, pace, and learning style

  • Multi-camera angles for best online lesson experience

  • Clear, crisp audio using high quality microphone and online meeting room especially made for music lessons

  • Creative musical card and board games online and printable materials to play in-lesson and at home

  • Monthly Virtual Studio Classes (optional attendance)

  • Virtual recital (optional performer attendance)

  • Teacher check-ins to aid with practice out of lesson time

  • Open teacher-parent communication

  • Parent Education

  • Email reminders before each lesson

  • SMS reminders the day of lesson (if you opt in)

  • Organized lesson notes

  • Weekly practice sheets

  • Studio calendar that syncs to your mobile device

  • Student Portal access with separate log-ins for Parents and Students

  • Online practice log to track, inspire, and challenge students to top their own (or each other's) total practice time

  • Student's attendance rating

  • Downloading and uploading resources, videos, homework and practice sheets from the Student Portal

  • Possible discounted/free tickets to Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops Orchestra concerts, and free Tanglewood concerts in the summer

  • Automatic invoice and invoice reminders

  • Option for Auto-Pay and Credit Card payments through link within the Invoice and Student Portal


  • There are two semesters, September to January, and February to June. Summer months are July and August.

  • Tuition installments of Monthly tuition is always the same flat rate regardless if there are 5 or 2 lessons in a given month (see yearly calendar). 

  • Invoice is sent to your inbox 12 days before the due date. Payment is due on the first of the month.

  • There is a $15 Finance Charge for overdue invoice by the 5th of the month. Please pay on or before the first of the month to avoid the fee.

  • Auto-Pay is the preferred form of payment.  

  • Students are expected to pay for all books, music, and materials, unless stated otherwise.