Voice/Singing Lessons for Adults

Adults who love to sing, even those who are interested in singing karaoke for fun, are welcome with open arms in my studio!

Here we will cover the important basics of singing: proper breathing, posture, and performance techniques, as well as projecting your voice in the healthy way, to the tune of your favorite melodies and artists. 

During the lesson, we start by warming up your body and voice, incorporating techniques to strengthen your breath, power, range, and vocal flexibility. You will be asked to sing the song once after the warm-up, and you will be given constructive feedbacks afterwards. We will then work together to improve the song you have chosen, until we are both satisfied with it.  

I welcome different genres of music: pop, jazz, Broadway, musicals, R&B, rock, non-English songs, traditional and Chinese songs, etc.

To get a well-rounded music education, music theory, note-reading, aural training, and sight-reading are offered, but not required. We will discus what your goals are for taking lessons, to be sure we are on the same page, right from the get-go. 

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