Voice/Singing Lessons for Teens

Teens from 13-19 are in their adolescent years who are experiencing changes within their body. In singing, this is a time for voice lessons not just with any teacher, but with a teacher who understands this tricky situation. An uneducated teacher may break the transitioning voice easily or even suggest to pause lessons, but a well-trained teacher that is familiar with the anatomy of the singing voice nurtures the voice in this critical developmental stage. I can help. 

Students of this age are taught to work with the voice they have, and not against, to nurture their change in a gentle and healthy way without doing any damage to their changing voice. For students of this age, we focus on developing their confidence, letting their natural singing voice take its shape, while exploring with care as they adjust to the changes and accept their "new" bodies, and helping them learn more about their own capability through music. 

After warming up through mindful grounding work and vocalizations, students start with a choice of music that they bring in, if it suits their voice, and will be given technique suggestions to improve the song. I welcome different genres of music: pop, jazz, Broadway, musicals, R&B, rock, non-English songs, etc.  In a healthy way, we will work on developing their range, the strength and power of their voice and breath, and the way they present themselves when given the opportunity to be on stage. 

Lessons also include music theory, reading music, and aural training. 

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