Voice/Singing Lessons for Ages 3-12

It is never too early to expose your child to music appreciation. I teach singing lessons to kids from ages 3-12 through song and imagination. 

They start the lesson with breathing techniques to know more about their own musical instrument, their body. Warm-ups are necessary for each lesson before learning a new song, to find their singing voice. Students at this age are taught to use their singing voice and not their speaking voice. 

The goal for this age group is to be able to explore and control their singing voice, and to be able to distinguish between singing voice and speaking voice. Techniques used in this group is very age appropriate, explained through actions and referenced to things they already do, and is easy to understand for their age. They are also taught how to stand on stage, and to project themselves to the audience. 

Performing for family members at home once a piece of music has been learned is very much encouraged. This activity boosts their confidence and appreciation for music. 

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