ONLINE Pre- Piano Program Information

 Parent and Mini Musician Participation


Does an adult need to be around when the classes are on?
Yes, Mini Musicians Preschool Program Online is designed for both the adult and the child to take together. You do not need to show yourself on camera. This program is very helpful for parents/caregivers who have little or no background in music.

How many Mini Musicians are in each class?
There will be 4-5 Mini Musicians in each online class. Class sizes are kept very small so the teacher can see/give feedback to each student, and each student can engage and take turns more than once in the class.

Is it required to join the Facebook community group?
No. Although it is not required to join the Facebook group, it would be nice to be around parents and caregivers of those who are also interested and currently enrolled in the program.


The Schedule 

How long is the program?
It is an ongoing 40-week program, but students can join anytime. 

Can I join anytime?
The best time to enroll would be right when they program starts, so your Mini Musician will get the whole program's benefits. Young children need reinforcements through repetition, your child won't be missing anything if you had joined after the program has started. 

What if my child is absent?
If for unforeseen reasons a child is absent, you still have access to the materials to use outside of class time. The pace of the Mini Musicians is slow to accommodate for their young age, so missing a class here and there does not affect overall learning. Due to it being a group class, we are unable to reschedule or do any make-ups, but I will offer all the support I can give in order to help you and your Mini Musician get up to speed before our next class, if needed.

Piano Questions

Do I need a piano to join the program?
This program is created for learners who are interested in learning the piano, but are still too young to start private lessons. This program gives them a head-start so they can have the pre-piano skills needed until then. One may get away without a piano for now, but it is best to have one to get the most out of the Mini Musicians Preschool Program.
What kind of piano should I get?
I would advise to investing in a piano that has 88-weighted keys. I recommend getting digital vs acoustic, since acoustic pianos need a lot of upkeep and are more expensive. Digital pianos nowadays are so advanced that they are comparable, if not better than acoustic pianos. Volume control, anyone? Hahaha~!

Getting a proper piano right off the bat has many benefits to a child who is starting piano lessons. Do not wait until you see "interest" before investing. Having the right instrument can make or break an interest, and impact what a child thinks of an instrument. (If your child's first ever pair of scissors were dull and hard to use, would they enjoy cutting?)
Here is a video to help you choose.

About Online Learning

Where are the lessons conducted?
The lessons are conducted over a secured platform specifically made for music lessons and classes. It will have a much better audio quality than applications made for business conferences. The audio will be smooth when transitioning from one speaker to another, and it won't cut out on higher/lower pitches.
How easy is it to log into the online platform?
Very easy! There is no password to remember, you only need to enter your name. You can find the link within our studio calendar, and in your Email/SMS if you opted in for lesson reminders. I will only approve students that are registered for the class into the room, on their appointed lesson time.
Will the classes be recorded?
No. For students' privacy, the classes will not be recorded in any way.


The Learning Environment


How should I set up the space for the class?
Have an open space wherein the Mini Musician can jump, march, and walk freely. The space should be free from distractions.
What about the camera?
Aside from the regular way online lessons are conducted, we may need to move the camera to the side for a few mins (or the adult can just hold it) so we can get a clear view of the Mini Musician who's sitting in front of a piano/keyboard. In this position, we should able to see the whole child at the piano bench when we are checking for good body and arm posture.

At the piano:  a few mins of checking posture and hand/arm techniques, some theory, and Improvisation Explorations. 
Other times: Away from the piano, moving, or sitting on the floor. 

*Mini Musicians will be doing more moving than sitting at the piano.

The Materials

Do I need to prepare anything before the class?

You need to print out some materials for the class. They are not worksheets. They are manipulatives that the child will physically hold during the lesson. Prepare the materials so your child will get the most out of this program. 
Apart from the printed materials, you will also need scarves, a bean bag (or small stuffed toy), and any rhythm instrument you can find in your home. You also need small craft popsicle sticks.
There is a follow-up activity that you can do outside the classes called Listening in Color. You will be provided the sheets, listening tracks, and prompts to engage with your Mini Musicians to talk about the music they are hearing, and how it makes them feel, etc. 

Where can I find the pdf materials?  
All printed materials will be stored on the Studio Website's Student Portal. When you log-in, you can find it under the "Online Resources" tab on the left side, and you'll find it in a folder called Mini Musicians. You can open and download the file in one click. You will be given access to the materials a few days before the next scheduled class. 

Tuition and Invoicing

What does tuition include?
Tuition includes all pdf printable materials for the whole program for both the parent and Mini Musician, FB group support, technology for online lessons, and ongoing communication with the teacher between lessons. 
How much is the Mini Musicians Preschool Program?

Mini Musicians has a summer flat rate of $116, paid monthly.

Fall and Winter Semester Mini Musician Program will be one-hour long, and priced accordingly at $1, 600 for the year (Monthly installments are available at 10 payments of $160 a month) 
Do you offer sibling discounts?
10% off for siblings within the same family. 
How will I be invoiced? 
You will be invoiced 12 days before the start of the program, and is due on the first of the month on auto-pay for ease of payment. 

About the Teacher

Who will be teaching the program?
I am! Students call me Mrs. Stafford. I can be pretty old-fashioned and proper, haha. Teaching music has always been my passion, and I enjoy teaching the preschool age in a group setting the most.

What are your qualifications, and experience in teaching young children?  
I have been teaching voice and piano lessons to young children and adults for almost two decades.
Aside from teaching students privately, I used to teach music classes for a Montessori School in Quincy until I had children of my own and I decided to homeschool. While I was taking my post-graduate music degree, I used to work at Gymboree Play and Music, teaching group gym classes from babies (with their adults of course!) to 5 years old. I was also teaching music classes for different age levels, and their Kindergarten classes for 6-7 years old. I am currently the resident music teacher for Cornerstone Campus Preschool located in Wollaston Area, Quincy.
More details about your teacher can be found <HERE>.

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